Why Bright Green? 

* Your brand is your most important asset:  The reputation of your brand is your greatest asset in a world where it is increasingly difficult to provide quality at a profitable price.  Serving safe, wholesome food is the surest way to keep a guest.  

* The greatest operators become blind to what they see each day:  Even the greatest coaches are limited by their own knowledge and tendencies.  The great Mike Ditka turned around the Chicago Bears in the early 1980s and made them into a powerhouse for a decade.  But,  this Hall of Famer had a weakness, he did not accommodate new ideas.  As a result, in spite of his great success, his organization began to fail.  All organizations need an outside set of eyes from a neutral third party.

* Three decades of operational experience:  As the complexity of a program increases, the odds of failure increase exponentially with each step.  The reality of our industry is simple solutions work, complex solutions fail.  We have the operational experience to reduce the complicated to the simple.