In my 20+ years as a GM and manager of restaurants, I have dealt with a number of quality assurance services.  I found two things: 1) The service is expensive, 2) The companies are often staffed by former health inspectors rather than restaurant operators.  The end result is a very good and detailed inspection with recommendations that are expensive, paper work happy, time insensitive, and difficult to execute consistently.  As an operator, solutions need to be low to no cost, take very little time, and be easily implemented.

Bright Green focuses on what is most important, the safety of your guests, the reputation of your brand, and your relationship with the inspector. 

We conduct monthly, unannounced audits, followed up with regularly scheduled staff training and practical, time and money sensitive solutions.  Surprise audits keep your staff ready for the real thing as they never know when an audit is coming. Many businesses include quality assurance audits as component of their management bonus programs.  

In this hyper-competitive market, your reputation is your most important competitive advantage.  Health scores are readily available and bad ones often appear on the news. A health department ordered closure can break a business.  The Florida DBPR closes an average of 25-30 restaurants PER WEEK in the state of Florida. Training and consistency are the key to staying in good standing with your guests and inspectors.   

I live in Oviedo, Florida with Melanie and my two children Bryan and Reagan.  We are a family business and believe in treating our clients like family.